80 Years of Babar

Key milestones

11 JUNE 2013

 1931       Jean de Brunhoff publishes first book in France: The Story of Babar

1933     The Story of Babar is published in Britain and the United States, with an introduction        by A.A.Milne

1934     Babar the King is published

1937     Jean de Brunhoff dies of tuberculosis, aged 37

1946     Laurent de Brunhoff, son of Jean publishes, Babar et Le Coquin d’Arthur

1960     First feature film: Babar

1969     Babar, TV show broadcast in the UK on BBC 1 weekdays

1985     Second feature film: Babar & Father Christmas

1989     Nelvana produces animated TV series and third feature film, Babar: the Movie

1990     Babar series wins a Gemini TV award in Canada

1999     Fourth feature film, Babar: King of the Elephants

2002     Laurent publishes Babar’s Museum of Art – his homage to his favourite artists

2005     Babar’s embarks on a world tour, visiting many places of Laurent’s childhood

2006     Babar gets his own postage stamp in France for his 75th anniversary

2008     Babar exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City

2010     New television series launches: Babar: The Adventures of Badou

2011     Babar celebrates his 80th anniversary in France with two art exhibitions in Paris

2012     Babar closes the New York Stock Exchange as part of the U.S. 80th anniversary celebrations.

2013     80th anniversary since the Babar books were first published in the UK.

2013     Babar featured in new range of Soulland menswear fashion, available worldwide in boutiques such as Colette in Paris, Goodhood Store in London, and Opening Ceremony in NYC.


About Babar's 80th Anniversary

This is the Official Online Press Office for the UK celebrations of the 80th Anniversary of Babar.

The classic children's character, Babar the Elephant, was created by the French painter, Jean de Brunhoff, in 1931, however the first Babar books were not published in the UK unitl 1933.  Since then, millions of British children have grown up with the memorable stories about the King of the Elephants, his wife Celeste, and large extended family.

UK celebrations to mark this important milestone in Babar's history will be announced in due course.